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Bag Badges!

Last month, I wrote a couple of times about some bag badges I was making. Well, they’re done, and have been in the wild for about a week! The first ones I made (and have been wanting to make for … Continue reading

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February Round Up 2018

This past week has been just…Not Good for crafting. First it was super busy, and I had no time for anything, and then I caught *dun dun duuunnnnnn* The Flu. As a newly salaried Millennial™, I had to be told … Continue reading

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IHSW: February 2018

I like working for the state. This was a 3-day weekend! So, I incorporated Monday into my stitch weekend. As it was, my pup had a class on Saturday, and we went shopping Monday for food (finally), plus I had … Continue reading

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What Toriel really thinks…

I have this weird thing about doing things people tell me I should do, like watch a show, a movie, or play a game. I’m usually really into the thing, or super inclined to be into the thing…but I put … Continue reading

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